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Also referred to as end effectors or "tools". The manipulator holds the load while the operator transfers it. Available with power tilts and/or rotations. We offer vacuum cup style manipulators, carton handlers, mandrill style roll handlers, air-magnets and clamping style manipulators. These systems are utilised in all tiers of the Automotive Industry, Metal Fabrication, Food Processing and the Printing and Packaging Industries.

Jib Cranes
  Column or wall mounted, the jib cranes are available with single or double articulating arms. Both arms allow for full 360 degrees of dexterity with the double jib allowing for manipulation anywhere inside the radius of the arm. The jib cranes are very easy to install and require a minimum of floor space. Ideal for short transfer applications.
Overhead Systems

Ideal for applications where floor space is an absolute premium or a longer travel is required. The runway/ bridge system consists of an enclosed track aluminium rail. The trolleys are made of high- tensile aluminium alloy with precision-ground bearings and hard nylon wheels. A force of only 1-2% of the total weight being transferred is required.


All the features of an overhead system but floor mounted. Ideal for applications where longer travel is required but ceiling suspension is restricted due to heavy-duty overhead cranes or ceiling weight restrictions.

Air Balancers

Ergonomically designed for accurate, effortless positioning of loads. Safe, quiet and require minimal maintenance.

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