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Pneumatically Operated- Means virtually maintenance free, intrinsically safe, ease of operation, quiet.

Safety interlocks- Where applicable, safety interlocks are used on our systems. As long as there is a load on the lifting unit the load cannot be released even if air pressure is lost or if the operator were to depress the "load release switch".

Custom Design- Your Indutrol system will be designed to meet your exact requirements. Our systems are not "off the shelf".

Ease of Operation- Our systems are built with the comfort and safety of the operator in mind.


Our representatives and designers will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the design process. After installation we will provide training for the operators of the system. A maintenance package is included with each system including visual and physical checks. An Indutrol representative will always be on hand to answer questions or provide on-site assistance.

Indutrol's systems are highly effective in reducing injuries and can contribute to providing owners/managers with opportunities to reduce WSIB premium rates.

Indutrol's systems can "free-up" hands normally used to transport large or heavy loads allowing managers to more effectively use their employees time.

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